Emirates Airline Has Been Called Out For Overcharging Customers On Outbound Flights From Dubai

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Khalaf Al Habtoor is the prominent self-made Dubai businessman who is chairman of the AL Habtoor Group, one of the most successful real estate and hospitality firms in the region. Known as an all-round legend, he does not mince his words.

In a public video posted to his Instagram account three days ago, he called out Emirates for overcharging customers who fly outbound from Dubai. He questioned the pricing and asked for an explanation as to why the cost of outbound flights are sometimes more than double inbound and transit flights. He suggests Emirates Airlines look into this and take immediate action.  

"The difference is huge! Should the price not be better for UAE citizens and residents flying from UAE?"

Khalaf Al Habtoor

He makes a very good point:

"The price of a first class ticket on a flight from Dubai to London is roughly AED 35,000. While the price for a flight from Mumbai to London, via Dubai is almost AED 18,000, and from Colombo to London via Dubai is AED 14,000"

Emirates weren't the only ones...

Khalaf Al Habtoor also made a point against Middle East Airlines for their use of the term 'Persian Gulf' instead of 'Arabian Gulf'.

The name comes from a body of water known as the Arabian Gulf but which is disputed by some countries.

"What a disappointment, to see Middle East Airlines - the Lebanese official carrier - use the term "Persian Gulf" for our Arabian Gulf."

Khalaf Al Habtoor

يا اسفي على #لبنان، هذا البلد الجميل الذي لطالما اعتبرته، وكثيرون غيري، بلدنا الثاني ووجهتنا المفضلة بين #الدول_العربية. لقد فقدنا لبنان - الدولة العربية الشقيقة. فلبنان اليوم تحت سيطرة #الملالي الإيرانية بطريقة فاضحة، وآخر دليل على ذلك هو #طيران_الشرق_الأوسط (#الميدل_ايست) الذي يشير الى #الخليج_العربي بتسمية الإيرانيين لهذا الخليج. رسمياً، لبنان كدولة يعتمد تسمية الخليج الصحيحة وهي "الخليج العربي"، ولكن لبنان للأسف يتحول تدريجياً الى بلد المرشد ويفقد هويته العربية. بوجود الرجال والسيدات في لبنان الشرفاء، آمل ان يستعيد هذا البلد الحبيب هويته العربية ويعود الى الطريق الصحيح. #الحبتور What a disappointment, to see #MiddleEastAirlines - the Lebanese official carrier - use the term "Persian Gulf" for our #ArabianGulf. What a disappointment that this beautiful country, once a favourite among #GCC citizens, is falling under the Iranian influence and the rule of the Mullahs. Officially, #Lebanon, as an #Arabic country, recognizes the gulf by its correct name "Arabian Gulf", but the country is so lost to the Iranians that it does recognise its identity anymore. I hope that Lebanon's honest men and women will be able to save Lebanon and bring it back to heart of the #Arab World before it is too late. #KAH #🇱🇧 #MEA

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