Emirates Release Teaser For New Ad And People Are Guessing Who’s Going To Be In It

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You'll all remember THAT video of Jennifer Anniston for Emirates, when she basically made fun of herself and her moviestar status? Well that video reached over 100k on YouTube and it looks like Emirates are back with more marketing gold.

Never ones to shy away from publicity, Emirates are known for a couple of amazing marketing stunts. They dropped this teaser clip on YouTube (below) today and we can't wait to hear what it's all about. We THINK the clip is Emirates letting us know a celebrity is returning as the face for Emirates, and they're going to let us know tomorrow.

Entitled 'Guess Who's Back', out bets are on Jen making a return (first class) trip to the Emirate. We can't wait!

Your guess is probably better than what Twitter has come up with...

I think Emirates wanted you to guess

Not even a little guess?!

At least YouTubers are making some effort to guess...

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