An Emirati Employer Just Bought Her Filipino Nanny A House And It's Giving Us All Of The Feels

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In a very generous move, an Emirati employer has gifted her Filipino nanny with a house.

Thanks to her kind employer, Dina Tenerife Celo will begin building her new house in her home of Camarines Sur, Philippines.

Her generous employer is American born Melissa McPike

Melissa gained Emirati citizenship after marrying an Emirati and resides in Abu Dhabi.

Celo was employed by the McPike family 1998 to look after their two young children aged four and six. She stayed with them for two years before her contract ended.

She then left the job and worked in coffee shops and supermarkets until 2014 when she returned to the McPike's to work as a housemaid.

Celo was gifted the AED 23,000 needed to build her new home

This money was used to buy a plot in her hometown and Melissa has also offered to pay for the construction of the two bedroom house.

Celo has placed the house in her sons name and will return to the Philippines next week for a year to oversee the construction.

Melissa and her family have been invited as the first guests to the house when it is completed.

Melissa's son, Saeed, who was only six when Celo took care of him, will accompany Celo to the Philippines to help with the construction.

Faith in humanity restored!

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