Emirati Man Wrongfully Arrested In US Refuses Apology And Claims $200m In Damages

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Footage that upset many around the world emerged this week of an Emirati man be wrongfully arrested at a hotel in Ohio. He was wrestled to the ground by armed police force, later collapsing and being rushed to hospital. The police later apologies for the error. The police were responding to a telephone call by the hotel clerk who had called 911 saying there was a terror threat. 

The official apology shared on the US Embassy Abu Dhabi Facebook page

After the incident in Cleveland, Ohio the Mayor of Avon apologized to the man, identified as Ahmed Almenhali of the UAE

$200 million in damages

Mr. Almenhali, speaking to the Khaleej Times, said that he was in Ohio to conclude a business deal with a pharmaceutical company in San Diego worth $70m that he had been working on for a year and that he wouldn't settle for less than $200m. He claims that the event was 'plotted' in an attempt to scupper the deal. Almenhali is also suffering from a medical condition and is still in the US. The UAE has advised citizens not to ware traditional dress when traveling abroad.

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