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Emirati Men Rob Indian Bus Driver After Posing As Immigration Officers

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Two Emirati men have been charged with theft and impersonation of public officers in the Court of First Instance.

The 36 year old pilot and his 23 year old unemployed accomplice were arrested after the incident in February of this year.

The bus driver was walking to work when he was approached by the two men

Claiming to be immigration officers the two men asked for the bus driver’s ID which he refused to give them as they had not provided him with official identification.

They then grabbed the man by his shirt and took his wallet and phone before forcing him into their vehicle with three other men.

They drove the men away before dropping them off near a shopping mall and returning their wallets and phones.

The man then realised they had stolen AED 1070 from his wallet.

One of the accused has admitted to the charges claiming it was his accomplice’s idea.

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