"I Woke Up This Morning With 200 GB Data On My Phone": Dubai Residents Are SHOOK At A New Update

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Internet data is always a hot conversation in Dubai.

With expats being the majority, and a ban on VoIP, (so, no WhatsApp or Skype calls) how much data you've got is particularly important, and if you're anything like me, when it comes to the end of the month/the end of a package, you're always running short.

Personally, I pay nearly AED200 a month for 6 GB (on Etisalat), however anyone on the Freedom play with Etisalat woke up to a (seemingly temporary) amended package with some receiving a jaw-dropping upgrade of 200 GB data.

NOT photoshop: You can get 200 GB for AED175 per month with Etisalat right now

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People are shook

You can even go full baller with this unlimited package

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People are asking how they can avail

And Etisalat is directing them here

Beware, it looks like it's for a limited time only

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