Etisalat Have Increased The Prices Of The BeIN Sports Package and People Are Not AT ALL Happy

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Etisalat has raised the price of its beIN Sports TV package from Dh78 to Dh110 a month. Etisalat say the increase has come from BeIN, however the price in France for the normal coverage is €13 / 52 AED and there are no extra fees for the Euros or World Cup. It seems as if people in the UAE are being over charged. There was an additional charge of 275 AED for the European Championships. 

There is a 90 AED option on the website, but apparently the real price is 110 AED per month, there is still some confusion over the 90 AED option. Etisalat say they informed customers via text messages, with many claiming they have not received such communication. 

These people are not one bit happy

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What about Du?

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Some perspective

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