Fined, Jailed and Deported For Trying To Fool The RTA

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Many of us have been there. You know where you are parking is illegal, but there is no other spot free, it's hot, and you are late for a meeting. So you leave the car in one of those not-really-a-parking-space-spots-but-my-car-will-fit-anyway-places. But you are pretty sure there is 90% chance that you will have a ticket when you get back in an hours time. Usually the fine is AED 100 for the first offence, then it can rise to AED 150 but some places hit you with AED 200 straight up. 

So, you think you're smart, eh?

This one guy, came up with a pretty clever idea by leaving fake parking tickets on his dashboard, so that when the inspector came along he might leave him be thinking that he has already been fined. It wasn't smart enough though, and he ended up getting hit with a AED 150,000 fine. 

The guy had being doing this repeatedly in Al Baraha

“I noticed that the car driver had tampered with the dates mentioned on the ticket … it was April 20 but the dates mentioned on the ticket read April 21. I gazed at the ticket closely and it was obvious that the ticket had been forged. My supervisor asked me to wait until the driver returned, but I missed him and he [K.S.] managed to leave. A few days later, I saw the same car and the driver had done the same thing … he placed another forged parking ticket on the dashboard. This time I called up the police … they called him up and summoned him to the parking lot where he was apprehended. Two forged tickets were seized in his possession,”

RTA Inspector

A massive fine, jailed and deported

Not only was the guy, reported by Gulf News in his initials only, KS, fined AED 150,000 for forging an electronic document, he was also sent to prison for 3 months and will be deported afterwards. Many people get fined for parking violations, however, if you tamper with official documents or treat those parking violations lightly, you run the risk of serious punishment. 

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