Fortnite Has Issued A Response To MENA Gamers After A Viral Hashtag Caught Its Attention

The future is bright

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Fortnite has issued a response to gamers, after the hashtag #fortnitemiddleeastservers began trending in the Middle East.

The gaming company responded after gamers demanded a server exclusively for the Middle East.

A total of 43k people have already like the response which stated, that although Fortnite doesn't have the capacity to increase servers in the MENA region right now, it's hoping for a solution in the coming months.

Fortnite is multi-player game that boasts over 200 millions users as of November 2018 and obsessed over by gamers worldwide

With a massive audience in the Middle East, Twitter was quick to respond to the demands. With some unhappy with the vague response and others thanking the gaming company and hoping a server will come in future.

The basic reaction

And everyone's jumping on the Fortnite bandwagon

Middle East games are calling on Fortnite to provide more servers

Servers needed ASAP according to this Tweeter

While some are looking on the brightside

And thanking Fortnite for the update

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