Four Men Have Been Jailed For A Robbery Using Toy Guns

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Four young Emirati men who were convicted of posing as police detectives and robbing people using a toy pistol have been each sentenced to a year's jail.

A lawyer representing the victims said the men in their early 20s - who were in a vehicle - had stopped the victims pretending they were police detectives and wanted to check them.

They also showed a toy pistol to one of the victims

According to the evidence report, in one of the incidents, one of the defendants removed a wallet from the pocket of an Asian man as he checked him and snatched away AED 300.

In another incident, the men stopped an Asian man on one of the streets in a remote area and took AED 754 from his wallet.

The victim said he thought that it was a real pistol and gave away the money due to fear

The Abu Dhabi Appeal Court upheld an earlier ruling by a lower court that handed down the jail sentences to the Emirati men after they were found guilty of robbery and impersonating as police officers.

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