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A Genius New App Is Going To Completely Revolutionize The Way People Choose What They’ll Eat

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Soon, Dubai residents will be able to track where their food comes from and get a detailed background of food items and recipes served at restaurants.

Dubai Municipality have announced plans to release a new mobile app designed to help you be smarter about what you eat.

It will basically digitize all food safety and nutritional information

So you will be able to check what food items are available at participating restaurants, what their ingredients and EVERYTHING about it. Seriously –  from who the suppliers were down to what was the temperature of the containers the shipments reached Dubai in.

The app and its website will allow you to trace the safety of food  basically from ‘farm to fork’

Yeah, some of this may be more information than one needs but the point of the app is to provide COMPLETE transparency about the food you are eating (and you can customize that information to what works for you).

Now THAT is completely revolutionary

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