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GRAPHIC IMAGE WARNING: The Second Incidence Of A Dog With A Severed Limb Has Been Recorded

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Two cases of dogs found with severed limbs have been recorded by Animal Action UAE in the last couple of weeks. 

Lucy was found with her tail sawn off in Mafraq, and the vet noted it probably took more than one person to commit this horrific crime. 

(Animal abuse is a crime in the UAE, with fines of up to AED 200,000 and imprisonment of up to one year for anyone accused.)

An update from the shelter shows Lucy is alive and resting following the absolutely malicious attack

The report reads as follows:

‘Good morning! A lot of people have been asking for an update on Lucy, the girl with the hacked off tail from Mafraq. She is doing well considering her injury. She is still very scared and so we hope that over the next week she will start to relax and learn that no one wants to hurt her.

She has had difficulty doing her ‘business’ due to the lack of skin around her rear end and so at first the vets were having to help her entirely to do a number 2. Now she is able to go a little bit on her own but it’s painful for her.

We are hoping the infection will go away entirely and that new skin will grow with the care she is getting. As much of the infected skin and flesh was removed as possible.

The vet is certain that the tail was in fact cut by someone and that it would have taken more than one person to hold her down and do so. For what reason, we do not know…”

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Halle was another dog found with a debilitating wound. Though the shelter cannot say for sure how the poor animal sustained the injury, the straight cut suggests an implement was used.

The shelter noted

“As you can see Halle has part of her front leg missing. It was very swollen and bleeding. We have no idea how she sustained such an injury. Probably an accident where she wasn’t then given any help. Perhaps we are being hopeful here as it would be awful if someone did this to her on purpose.”

Screenshot 2017 07 01 18 06 39
Screenshot 2017 07 01 18 33 05
Screenshot 2017 07 01 18 17 56

Animal shelters across the UAE need your help this summer 

As a side note: animal shelters in the UAE are over-populated with strays during the summer months. The harsh reality is people leaving the UAE leave their animals behind, with no care.

There are a number of shelters across the UAE doing incredible work but they need your help to cope with demand. Adoption, fostering or donations are all welcome. Take a look at the following pages for more info

Animal Action UAE: Link here

K9 friends: Link here

Sniff. Link here: Strays Needing Interim or Furever Friends

All images: Animal Action UAE

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