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A Group Of 17 Women Beat Up A Man For Allegedly Assaulting A Woman Onboard A Dubai-Delhi Flight

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A brawl erupted mid-air on a Delhi bound Dubai flight when a 25-year-old woman was allegedly sexually assaulted by a passenger sitting next to her.

The woman raised an alarm waking up her parents and other passengers around 4.40am saying that the man sitting next to her had touched her while she was asleep.

The incident, which happened on Thursday on a SpiceJet flight, turned into a brawl when her parents and 16 other women passengers beat up the man for his misbehaviour.

According to an Indian newspaper, the woman had dozed off at around 4am while her father was sitting on one side and the accused, an engineer identified as Sharikh Khan, was sitting on the other side.

She woke up sensing his hand on her and immediately pushed it aside and asked him to behave. However, in response, Khan allegedly hit her and hurled abuses at her.

That’s when some of the women passengers intervened, having woken up by the commotion, by thrashing the man.

As soon as the flight landed in Delhi, the woman registered an FIR against him for sexual harassment, and he was arrested by the Delhi Police.

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