A Guy And His Cat Are Motorcycling From Germany To Dubai On The Cutest Adventure

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A man, a cat, and a motorcycle - on a journey from Germany to Dubai. 

It sounds ambitious, but one guy is doing just that with his cat Mogli. 

Martin Klauka is riding his motorcycle from Germany, across up to 15 countries to reach Dubai, and is sharing it to his Instagram all the way.

The trip will take around three months, according to The National, who spoke to Klauka on his travels.  

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Klauka and Mogli are planning to chill out in Dubai for a few months once their journey is done, before heading off towards India and Nepal 

Mogli was found on the streets when she was about two months old, according to Klauka, who said she is surprisingly fine on the motorbike. 

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He's been documenting their travels, through August and now September via the Instagram, to adorable effect

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We'll be watching these guys closely to see more of their adventures! 

You can follow them here.

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