The Happiness March Today Was A Massive Success And Here Are 10 Tweets To Prove It

These pictures will seriously brighten up your day

Big crowds turned out at 8am this morning for a Happiness march which took place on the Dubai Canal and for a day of fun activities centered on happiness and positive mindsets.

The walk lasted two hours followed by the happiness experiences. Seeing as March 20th is International Day of Happiness, people were very keen to take part and share their experiences on social media. Here are our favourite 10 tweets from the day

Happiness is a journey...

Wise words!

It's a day to express positivity

A huge crowd turned out

We love this Tweet...where the happiness journey ends with a shawarma

Some of the initiatives later on in the day

Some school kids were delighted to take part in the event

This jazz band was on hand and to liven up the afternoon out

These positive pictures will brighten up your day

What does happiness mean to you??

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Casey Fitzgerald

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