Have You Seen This Man In Dubai? He's On Britain's Most Wanted List

Reward for finding him is £20,000

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London's Metropolitan Police believe that one of Great Britain's most wanted fugitives could be hiding in Dubai.

Shane O'Brien, a 28 year old, is thought to have fled from London after the violent stabbing and murder of a 21 year old, Josh Hanson, last year, of which he is the chief suspect. 

According to Detective Chief Inspector Noel McHugh, it is thought that O'Brien is travelling on a fake passport.

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“Clearly O’Brien is being helped by other people to evade police – some of those allegedly assisting him have already been arrested. The fact that O’Brien is moving from country to country demonstrates he has the means to travel without using his own identity. While our information links O’Brien to Dubai, we have taken calls about potential sightings across the world which have all been followed up.

Detective Chief Inspector Noel McHugh

Anyone with information is asked to contact police immediately.

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