A Hovering Dubai Police Bike Just Might Be The Most Unbelievable Thing To Come Out Of Gitex This Year

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Gitex Technology Week 2017 is well underway, and it's bringing the tech geek out in all of us, because everything from the show looks flippin' incredible.

From airport security systems that will cut security scan time to just ten seconds and smarter crossways and transport for residents, there is one vehicle that caught everyone's attention.

The Dubai Police introduced a vehicle that looks like a high tech motorbike labelled with 'Hoversurf'...

Cool name right?

Well Hoversurf is actually a single seat aircraft that enables the rider and vehicle to hover. It combines 'a motorcycle seat with quadcopter drone technology bringing speed agility and stability of flight to the hands of amateur and professional navigators' according to the Hoversurf website.

Still in the design stages, this is what it looks like in action (Skip to thirty seconds...amazing!)

It was unveiled at Gitex this week

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The Hoversurf was one of four awesome vehicles the Dubai Police had on show

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