The Incredible Solar Impulse 2 Forced To Postpone Final Landing In Abu Dhabi

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Solar Impulse 2, the first solar plane circumnavigating the globe without using even a drop of fuel, has had to postpone its final flight from Cairo in Egypt to Abu Dhabi in light of unfavourable weather conditions. 

In addition to this, Bertrand Piccard, the co-founder and pilot of the final leg of the flight announced on his twitter that he has been suffering from an upset stomach and this in turn could be problematic during the two to three day flight.

The plane was initially expected to take off at around 2am UAE time and land in Abu Dhabi later this week, completing the first solar-powered round-the-world trip however the Solar Impulse team stated that the final wind reading was too high for the plane to take-off in a safe manner.

Fair enough.

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