Dubai Beachgoers Could Be In Trouble If They Don't Follow These Simple Instructions

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Dubai Municipality has issued instructions to beachgoers to improve safety at Dubai Beaches. 

The instructions were shared on the Municipality's Instagram page three days ago, following a small number of deaths at beaches due harsh weather conditions which resulted in strong tides.

Safety and welfare of the public is the primary concern 

Most of the below are obvious but there are a couple you may be breaking already.

"Photography is strictly prohibited"

 It's illegal to take photos at public beaches in Dubai (there's usually a sign to let you know)...This is one most of us could easily forget.

"Please do not swim after sunset"

Ever feel like an evening dip once the crowds have left the beach? The warning seriously advises against it, a lifeguard will not be present and swimmers are at risk of being exposed to strong currents. 

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