Is This The Most Expensive Pool Day Ever?

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Well we never...we know things can get expensive at the 7-star enigma that is The Burj Al Arab...but this takes the biscuit. We've just discovered that a pool day at the new Terrace will cost you... AED 1800, yep, just for a day next to a pool...nope, no overnight stay, no dinner included, no booze included. That's the STARTING PRICE for a day at the pool (between 8am and 6pm). And that's just for a weekday, should you be one of those normal people who have a job...then a weekend day will set you back an eye watering AED 2,200. 

We're not going to lie...this isn't just a normal pool's a Burj Al Arab pool day. So what do you get? Well firstly, you get a cabana to hang out in, complete with coffee machine, telly, sound system and aircon with your own sunbeds outside. Or choose from sunbeds next to the freshwater pool, the saltwater pool or the jacuzzis, next to the manmade beach. The cabana comes with a bathroom with shower as well as a private terrace. Oh and there's an hourly freebie that the staff bring round...think smoothie shot or popcorn. These special prices are only available until September don't delay! You might even want to upgrade to the Royal Cabana which will set you back AED 3,000 in the week or AED 3,750 for a day on the weekend.

Can't afford it? Well here's some pretty pictures of it anyway...

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For more information, or to reserve a cabana call +971 4 301 7400 or email

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