A British Woman Will Not Serve Jail Time For Breaking UAE Cybercrime Laws

The case has receieved international media attention

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A case that's been vilified in international media has reached an end.

A British woman who posted defamatory statements regarding her ex-husband and his new wife via social media platforms has been convicted in a UAE court.

Laleh Shahravesh will pay AED3,000, however, she will not serve jail time and she may leave the country as soon as the fine is paid, according to The National.

The trial was originally meant to reconvene next week, however given the international media attention, a decision was made today, according to reports.

Shahravesh broke UAE cyber-crime laws by posting abusive comments on-line concerning her ex-husband and his new wife

The comments were made on Facebook three years ago.

Last month, Shahravesh's ex-husband died of a heart-attack and she came to Dubai to attend the funeral.

She was arrested on an old warrant and the case drew worldwide media attention.

Shahravesh has been on bail since her arrest the case concluded today.

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