Lindsay Lohan Is In Talks Of Designing Her Own Island Called 'Lohan Island' In Dubai And It Sounds Terrific

She wants to design the island within The World Islands

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Lindsay Lohan might be American but she has become a Dubai girl out and out now.

The 31-year-old actress is very busy with many projects in her kitty and has also taken up several business ventures.

But her latest project might be the most interesting and ambitious of 'em all. 

She recently appeared on The Wendy Williams show, and according to People, she wants to design an island within The World Islands, an artificial archipelago of small islands, and understandably call it 'Lohan Island'. 

"I’m discussing designing an island in Dubai"

Home girl already owns a night club in Athens and is in talks of opening another in Mykonos, both in Greece

She joked that she was “out-Trumping Trump with the name Lohan” 

The World Islands, Dubai

You do you, girl! 

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