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This Is The Link You Need For EVERYTHING That’s Going On And When It’s Happening In Dubai

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Whether you’re aware of it or not, there is ALWAYS something going on in Dubai. 

Sometimes we’re overloaded with promotions but, more often than not, events can pass us by …and you only hear about them AFTER the fact…which is no use to anyone at all really is it? So Lovin Dubai wants to help.

Lovin Dubai has a super handy events section, that’s constantly updated – it’s where you’ll find most of the cities events

Most of you come here through Facebook. Hi friends 🙂 . But you can also access Lovin Dubai here. At the top left of the page there’s an events section where there are literally HUNDREDS of upcoming events saved. You just scroll until you find the date you’re looking for and you’ll see what events are on. Simples.

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You can even upload your own event

Have an event you want to promote? You can also submit your own. It’s an ideal way for you to spread the word and share your event.

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