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One Of The UAE’s Earliest Residents Who Brought Electricity To Dubai Passed Away At 95

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It’s a sad day for the Indian and Emirati community as news of businessman Maghanmal Pancholia was announced this morning. Pancholia is one of the UAE’s earliest residents, with family members who have been involved in the trade business in Dubai since the late 1800s.

He also founded the Indian School in Dubai and was the first person, along with other Indian expats, to provide electricity to Dubai. The Indo-Arab Electric Supply Company started its operations from 1957 until 1961, by use of three generators to a then underdeveloped Dubai, reports say.

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His family says he passed away after having returned from work in the afternoon

Pancholia, known by everyone around him as a hard-working and determined man, passed away with his shoes on when returning from work.

As an active member of the Indian community in Dubai, he will be remembered by most for his business model that paved the path for others to start their own businesses here. He is survived by his four children.

May he rest in peace.

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