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A Maid In Dubai Was Caught Selling Her Newborn Baby To An Undercover Policewoman

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A housemaid has been caught trying to sell her newborn baby for AED10,000 to an undercover policewoman.

The 30-year-old Ethiopian mother claims that a 28-year-old maid had helped her in trying to sell the newborn baby girl.

They have both been charged with human trafficking

According to Khaleej Times, the police stated that they had reliable information that an Ethiopian woman had been trying to sell her two-week-old baby. They sent a policewoman to meet the maid as a potential buyer.

During the interrogation, the maid said she arrived in the UAE about five years ago and had been working for 10 months before she was absconded.

She worked illegally after that.

She then met an Emirati man and they lived together

She added that when she got pregnant, he left her “in the street” leaving her with just AED 500.

The baby’s father, who is at large, has been referred to the Court of Misdemeanours along with the maid on an illicit sex charge

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