The Following Mall Food Courts Will Remain Open During Ramadan

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The Holy Month of Ramadan has begun.

It's forbidden to eat and drink in public during day light hours during the Holy Month for both fasters and non-fasters, however some food and beverage operators have licences to serve food, but all will be partioned off from public view.

Many food courts in Dubai malls have permission to remain open, with food available from 12pm. This is useful info for non-fasters and tourists visiting Dubai...

The following malls food courts will operate during day-light hours during Ramadan

Mall of the Emirates (from 12pm onwards, takeaways from 10am)

City Centre Deira (from 12pm onwards)

Dubai Festival City Mall 

Ibn Battuta Mall - some f&b spots will be operating

Dragon Mart - some f&b spots will be operating

*The list will be updated

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List via Gulf News.

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