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A Man Tried To Run On To The Sharjah Airport Runaway To Meet His Fiancée Without Any Passport Or Ticket

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The phrase ‘life imitates art far more than art imitates life’ has never been more true. 

In a scene that can be described as a setting from a film, an Indian civil engineer breached the Sharjah Airport runaway, by climbing the airport wall, in an attempt to get on to the plane to meet his fiancée.

The 26-year-old man, who has been identified as RK, created quite a furor when he sneaked on to the runway to travel to India to be with his partner without any ticket or passport, which was being held by his employer.

Act of desperation

According to Khaleej Times, who spoke with the engineer, he pulled off this stunt out of love as he wanted to be with his partner come what may. 

He took only his wallet and went to the airport at night by leaving all his belongings in his flat. The accused didn’t buy a ticket for his passport was being withheld by the company he worked for. 

He climbed the fence and was trying to sneak on the runway to enter the plane when he was spotted by a ground staff member. He was soon arrested and taken into police custody, but was subsequently released on bail.

Company held the passport against his will

He claimed he had approached his company, which is being managed by his relative, to get permission for a visit home over 15 times, but they refused to give him permission. 

So he decided to travel without his passport, because even he he gets caught in the process, he would ultimately get his passport back and be deported from the country. 

UAE law forbids any firm to withhold passport for longer duration

Passports can only be held by the employer for a short time while renewing or cancelling visas. Doing otherwise is a clear violation of the UAE labour laws.

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