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A Man Has Fled The Country After Robbing Over AED 500,000 Worth Of Diamonds

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Two men have been sentenced to six months jail time after stealing 16 diamond sets worth over AED 500,000.

They were sentenced by the Dubai Court of Misdemeanour; one man will serve the sentence, however the other has fled the country, according to a report from Khaleej Times.

They conned a jeweller and stole the diamonds

One of the men told the jeweller he was going to show the diamonds to a potential buyer. The jeweller handed the diamonds over, signing documents to certify the exchange. However, after a few days, he called the man. The phone was powered off and the jeweller quickly realised the man had fled the country.

He reported the incident to Al Raffa police station.

One of the men has the country

The man fled with the valuables, his sentence remains should he ever return to the UAE.

The man who remained here will be deported following the jail sentence.

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