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A Man Was Hurled Out Of His Sharjah Apartment When A Gas Pipe Exploded In His Kitchen

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An Asian man was literally hurled out of his first-floor apartment due to a powerful explosion caused by a suspected cylinder gas leak. The incident happened on Friday morning in Sharjah’s Industrial Area 10. 

According to Sharjah’s Civil Defence team, the 50-year-old man suffered moderate injuries and is now undergoing treatment in the hospital. 

The heavy gas leak that triggered the blast not only shattered the windows of the building but also damaged other apartments and vehicles parked nearby. 

More than 70 tenants were evacuated from the building by the rescue workers

The police and Civil Defence Team reached the site within minutes of getting the call at 7.10 am in the morning of Friday. They immediately rushed the man to Al Kuwaiti hospital where he is currently being treated for his injuries. 

Gas Leak

According to Colonel Adel Al Mazmi, a fire expert at Sharjah Criminal Laboratory, the gas cylinder that exploded unexpectedly was kept in a poorly ventilated kitchen. The blast caused the walls of the apartment to collapse completely.

The apartment is located on the first floor, if it wasn’t, this man could have been killed due to the fall. The police and civil defence teams reached the site in less than five minutes and rushed the injured man to Kuwaiti Hospital. The rescue units of both the departments managed to evacuate 77 families from the affected building immediately to ensure their safety.

Colonel Adel Al Mazmi

The tenants will be given temporary accommodation until the maintenance work of the building is completed. 

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