Metro Murals: Some Seriously Cool Artwork Has Popped Up On SZR

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Have you spotted these yet?!

The metro pillars on SZR between the Dubai International Financial Centre and Emirates Towers stations are getting a fresh lick of paint, but instead of the usual creamy shade, two international artists have been drafted to create a couple of epic and totally imaginative art pieces.

Peruvian Daniel Cortez and Dominican-born ‘Evoca1' have brought colour to the perviously drab pillars and are sharing messages of the UAE vision with their through-provoking art.

The metro murals have already been snapped and shared

The creative designs add colour to every commute

The themes also reflect Dubai's visions and aspirations

All totally unique and spreading important messages - environmental, aspirational and thought-provoking

Part of a wider street art plan by Brand Dubai and the RTA, watch how they were made

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Casey Fitzgerald

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