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Mo Salah Takes A Stand For Team Mate Thats Left Twitter Users Furious

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The Egyptian football player, Mohammed Salah, speaks up for his teammate Amr Warda who was recently accused of sexually harassing a bunch of women on the internet.

Salah shared his opinion via a tweet which wasn’t necessarily directed at the whole Amr issue but people automatically assumed that it was for him

According to local news, Salah broke his silence on the issue after sharing a tweet that spoke about how important it is to give second chances to people who make mistakes rather than completely shunning them out.

Amr Warda has been asked to go home and not be a part of the team for Africa Cup of Nations. He apologised through a Facebook video for making such a mistake, but people did tweet at Mohammed Salah for standing up for Amr Warda.

He has been expelled from the national team because of this behavior.

Firm believer of second chances

Salah’s tweet did get a few people upset

Twitter users want Amr to be held accountable for his actions

Twitter users express their anger by getting seriously personal with the footballer

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