A Father Saved His Daughter From A Potential Molestor On Jumeirah Beach

Parents take note

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A man has been charged with allegedly molesting a 14-year-old girl near the shore of Jumeirah Beach.

The girl was swimming with friends at 9pm, her family was spending the evening at the beach with other families on the night.

Her father told police there were 10 men lurking nearby his daughter and her friends. He shouted at them when he noticed they were trying to talk to the girls, according to a Khaleej Times report.

A young man approached one of the girls

A 26-year-old Pakistani man reportedly approached an Asian girl, 'grabbing her waist and hugging her from behind'.

Her father could see his daughter screaming at the man not to touch her. Other men stepped in and lead the man away. A fight erupted until police arrived and apprehended the accused.

The girl told police the man inappropriately touched her, according to the report. She was left speechless following the incident.

A hearing will take place on September 14.

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