A Man Was Filmed Stripped Naked Dancing At A Dubai Bar Celebrating An England Victory

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A man has been filmed dancing naked on a table during an England World Cup game, and could be in serious trouble.

Two videos were circulated on WhatsApp of the man, who appears to be at Dubai hotel bar, on a table, stark-naked with a beer in his hand.

The 20-second long video shows the man dancing around with his privates tucked between his legs, and another man putting a cigarette in between the man's legs.

He appears in the video to be celebrating the victory of England over Colombia in the World Cup last week

The man's whereabouts are currently unknown, but behaviours like this are in violation of the UAE's public decency laws and alcohol consumption laws.

It's also a crime to circulate videos on social media, of individuals committing crimes - and residents are advised to report crimes through the Dubai Police app.

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