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Homes In Dubai To Be Safer And Protected Within The Next Two Years

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After Saturday’s blast in New York city which left 29 people injured, the UAE embassy in the United States has been warning Emirati nationals to remain cautious. 

This message was sent out through a series of tweets

The first one

The second one

The third one

They urged UAE citizens to avoid public places and ensure compliance with security authorities. Contact numbers were also provided to help in case of an emergency.

The investigations

The mayor stated that the explosion on West 23rd Street in the neighbourhood of Chelsea  was not linked to terrorism but appeared to have been an ‘intentional act’. However he pointed out that the investigations were in its early stages. While NYPD said the blast was from inside a garbage bin, Commissioner James O’Neill said it possibly occurred on the street.

Scenes after the explosion

Police on-site

Chelsea neighbourhood earlier this morning

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Sheikh Mohammed And Burj Al Arab In One Frame – Isn’t This Pretty Symbolic?

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Friday marks Saudi Arabia’s National Day – a day which commemorates the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by King Abdulaziz in 1932. Wishing all the Saudis in Dubai (and the ones who come over during Eid breaks) a very Happy National Day.

We all know UAE’s close ties with the country and to celebrate the occasion His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum took to Twitter to announce the following:

Al Sufouh Road (aka Dubai Marina Street) will now be called King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street

You better take note of that because your next taxi ride could cause a little confusion #justsaying. Other than that, it requires a change in the way you write your address if you live or work in the area.

At the ceremony

The new sign board

Screen Shot 2016 09 21 At 19 35 48

He also congratulated the Saudis

The Arabic tweet reads: All congratulations to Saudi Arabia national day 86, Adam and YOOSUF 12:21 God save the King and jurisprudence to serve Islam and Muslims.

The official tweet from Dubai Media Office

This is what they said about the road:

The Arabic tweet reads: One of the most important streets of Dubai and a series of touristic and economic installations, which are the most important features of modern.

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14 Events You’re Definitely Going To Want To Mark Down In Your Calendar This Week

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Is it really Sunday morning already? The weekend flew by and there are people in the office STILL recovering from an unreal Party In The Park this weekend. What a great show though, Johnny Borrell of Razorlight is an absolute rock!

As per usual we have a jam packed week ahead. Get marking this stuff down in your calendar and get rid of your Sunday blues! There are a few goodies below you’re not going to want to miss.

1. Dubai games week

Starting from Monday and running for six days this is going to be gamer heaven in Dubai Mall. Featuring all the latest in gaming tech, give yourself plenty of time to go and enjoy this. Check out the website for more info.


2. Galleries Night

This is always a great night on Askeral Avenue. A massive amount of talent will be on display as each art gallery opens it’s doors to host some seriously cool exhibitions by some incredible artists. Admission is free.


3. Sleeping Beauty – Ballet

Sleeping Beauty which is performed by the Moscow City Ballet is hyped to be an absolutely stunning performance, it’s running next Thursday and Friday. Ticket might sell out so get yours early.


4. DP World Tour Championship

Come and see the world’s best golfers play in a pretty unreal setting. This is a four day championship starting on the 19th and we’re pretty psyched for a couple of days out on the greens. What’s better is tickets are free, seriously where else can you watch elite sports men play for free?! Register here for tickets.

160257 m16

5. Meydan race nights

Taking place on Thursday this is the second race of the season. Since the weather has cooled nicely we can’t think of a better way to spend a Thursday evening. Races start ay 7pm.

dwc-meydan-grandstandb 1  j2jh

6. Sole DXB 2015

We’re loving this culture and fashion event which is taking trainers to a whole ‘nother level. New products will launch at this event which started as a sneaker gig but has now grown into a culture, music and art fest. This is taking place next Friday and Saturday in the Dubai design district.

20151020 Sole-DXB-2015 1

7. Dubai bake fest

We love baking and we love festivals so this is heaven for us! Head to Dubai investment park on Friday where you can learn tips and tricks from industry professionals, retailers will exhibit their wares and the public are welcome to some testers. Yum we love testers!


8. Fanta Masters

Fanta championships you ask? This is a PS4 competition for gamers which is running in conjunction with game week. A load of countries are involved and now it’s Dubai’s turn to host. Register here if you want to play!

20151103 Fanta-Masters-Championship-Finals-org

9. The sandpit

If you completed the Nike 10 km or the triathlon this weekend this can be your next goal. An untimed 10km that’s littered with obstacles throughout, this is no mean feat! Taking place in Al Barari, standard entry is AED 340.

20150126 The-Sand-Pit-1

10. Fun runs galore

These guys are all about making runs fun. If you ‘missed’ the Electric Run and the Nike 10 km, don’t fret, you still have the Colour Run to look forward to. Forget about beating your PB at this one, it’s much more important to take your time to ensure you’re completely covered in paint by the end.

3a1722 bfaf40f29ec442f79facf6087efc64c7

11. JLT open air cinema

This weather is now perfect for this kind of thing. Entry is free and thete are the two screenings coming up next weekend.

20th Nov- Castle In The Sky

21st Nov- Tom Sawyer And Huckleberry Finn

1910500 421585011327932 8074224124715859307 n

12. Global Village

This is an amazing five month extravaganza of festivals, food and shopping. The event hosts over 70 countries and has got some great rides for the kids (and of course for yourself if you feel like acting like a six old). Admission is free and the event takes place in the Global Village.


13. Above and beyond

Ever wondered what it’s like to go to space? This incredibly realistic (apparently) flight simulator is going to be in Children’s City, Creek Side Park until December 12th. Admission is free so if you want to be an astronaut for a bit all you need to do is turn up!


14. Motor Fest continued

We loved the slick cars on display this weekend so we can’t wait for what’s next to come. We’re looking forward to the Red Bull rally on the 19th and the motor village which opens on the 20th. Check this site for more info on all events


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Is A Brunch A Good Enough Reason To Head To Abu Dhabi?… We Think This One Is!

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We are very vocal about our love of Dubai and all the city has to offer – so we believe if you’re going to leave our lovely Emirate you’ll need a seriously good reason.

Is a brunch a good enough reason to head to Abu Dhabi? We think this one is!

We were invited to brunch at the St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort last Friday. I lived in Abu Dhabi when I first moved to the UAE and I’ve tried a few (*cough* nearly all) of the brunches down there, this is hands down this is the best Abu Dhabi has to offer.

What Makes This Brunch Stand Out?

Everything. The exterior of the hotel, the most amazing huge windows in the lobby that offer uninterrupted clear blue sea views, quality food and drinks, a hoppin’ band, attention to detail in every aspect and a reasonable price. This is the perfect mix of everything you want from a good brunch.


For those who go for the food…

It would be boring to list everything that’s on offer and it would take some time to list everything we ate….I will however, give a small list of what we loved.

We started with a great eggs benedict served on some to-die-for waffles. We loved the butchers station where we stocked up on mini-hotdogs and mini-calzones and from the carvery we loved the tender lamb accompanied by dauphinoise potatoes and some steamed veg…a superb third main course!

We didn’t get to the oyster shucking station, the foie gras station or the station that gave blind wine tastings…how did we miss this?! The fish cooked in salt was an interesting sight, it didn’t whet my appetite but it was apparently very succulent!


fish cooked in salt

And for the ones there for the drinkies…

Abu Dhabi has a lot to learn from Dubai when it comes to drinks at brunches. The St. Regis however, could give the lesson. You’ll love the Eatini station, where they recreated the Martini drink adding jelly and in some cases cool smoking effects. The tropical twist cocktails were unreal, something special to look at and not to sweet which is key when the serving is nearly a liters worth!

Let me not forget the bloody mary station, the whiskey station, the chili spiced infused vodka, Raphael’s gin infused with fresh fruits…as with the rest of the brunch the attention to detail here is spot on.


Eatini masters at work


tropical cocktails with a twist

For The Ones With A Sweet Tooth

Seriously Willy Wonka would be proud of this one. S’mores (which you toast yourself!), sweet shop candy, made up on the spot ice cream concoctions to rival Cold Stone; the dessert space has something for everyone. Each particular dessert was so incredibly detailed, more like works of art than delicious desserts.

We REALLY recommend the macaroons with gold leaf, I’m not a huge macaroon fan but these were ridiculously good!

IMG-20151011-WA0016 1

For those who are feeling cheesy…

Whether you’re a fan of cheese or not it’s hard not to be impressed with the spread of cheese on offer.

The room is on a floor of it’s own above 55&5th, when we visited there were over 42 different cheeses available. Don’t brie(!) afraid to try a few when you visit.


What Brought It All Together?

Nothing can make or break a brunch like a good band.

The music which was a great mix of new and old was curated by Naz Holland & Band. There was a bit of everything being played and the tunes suited the day perfectly.


Is It One For The Kiddies?

I hate to say ‘yes’ because I don’t want my new favourite brunch turning into the kiddies favourite too… but yes this is one definitely one for them. They’ll LOVE Wonka’s factory and there are a few entertainers and a cool kids room to keep them very occupied through out the afternoon.


view from above

What are your options?

Spend the weekend here. Really.

A Saturday at the beach is just what you need after such indulgence! We chilled out at the ‘after brunch party’ at Turquoiz bar on the beach and it really is endless white sand and clear blue sea every where you look.

Dip your toes in the sand (maybe loosen a belt buckle of two) and just chill out.

In comparison with competitors on the Abu Dhabi brunch scene, and for what’s on offer we think the price point is very reasonable.

Silk Package at AED 300 inclusive of non -alcoholic beverages

Pearl Package at AED 395 inclusive of house beverages

Diamond Package at AED 495 inclusive of food and bubbly

Check out their site for more information on weekend packages.

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Levantine Delight or Another Average Arabic Restaurant?

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Home Away From Home

Does food travel well? Dubai is home to so many cuisines from all over the world, and many visitors and expats alike often compare their native cuisine here to that in their home country. That’s no different for people from the Middle East. I’ve often heard friends from the Levant region say that food in restaurants at home tastes way better, and often to my experience, they are right. They also say food from their mum’s kitchen is better still. 

So when I planned to review Olea, a new Levantine restaurant in the Kempinski Hotel in Mall of The Emirates (opened 5 November), I immediately invited a friend who is a native of the region to really put it through its paces. She seemed pretty pleased with the place. Here’s five reasons you should check it out too…

1. Great location

There is a large area between Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina which seems a little defunct when it comes to good places to eat. Yeah, there’s Madinat Jumeirah which is great and Al Quoz and Al Barsha are coming into their own, but for easy access, especially from the mall and the metro, the Kempinski Hotel is stealing the show. We are fans of Salero and Noir at the Kempinski, but it’s great to have another choice too! 

Olea Food 0408 11 2015
Olea Food 0308 11 2015

2. Alfresco Dining

One of the best things about Olea is the outdoor dining area. It’s a garden meets private dinning space with a great view of the beautiful Kempinski dome roof and the Burj Al Arab. At this time of the year, it’s great to be able to sit outside for a few hours and enjoy a nice meal with good company, and this is a great sitting. This area, as with Olea in general, is more suited to the evening or weekend when you have time to spare to enjoy a long, slow meal (the staff are pretty relaxed). It’s probably not a place for a quick lunch.

Screenshot 2015 12 03 19 49 03

3. The quality shisha

It’s safe to say that Arabic (and I use that cuisine reference loosely) restaurants live and die by their ability to provide good shisha. It’s usually the first thing that is ordered, even before bread and water (this might explain why in Arabic translation you ‘drink’ the shisha rather than ‘smoking’ it) and it’s the last thing that is cleared away, with short breaks taken to consume food! My companion confirmed that the shisha is of a very high quality here, I had the grape-mint, it was smooth and the staff frequently refreshed the coal. 

4. Amazing Mezze

The best dish we ordered was the kebdet dajaj (warm chicken liver). A special mention should also go out to the smoked mutable (aubergine) that came in a theatrical display (see below). Olea do a really good job at representing the specialities of Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Cyprus all on one menu, quite a feat given the range of dishes from each country. They are also careful to choose the famous dishes from each country such as Mansaf (lamb in yoghurt) from Jordan.

5. Sweets 

I am always amazed with how good Arabic deserts are, my problem is that I can never pronounce the dishes or remember which one I had. Luckily the waiter was very helpful, as was my companion with their recommendations. We opted to share the Osmalliah, a sweet vermicelli with keshta and honey syrup. It didn’t disappoint. 

Screenshot 2015 12 02 13 43 59
Soft  Kunafa

The Important Stuff

Starters range from 35 – 50 AED

Mains go from 70 AED to 120 AED with a mixed grill shareable with up to three people for 250 AED

Deserts are 40 AED each

The cost for dinner for two is approx 600 AED (minus shisha). For more check out Olea here. 

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6 Great Events Happening This Week You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

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The weekend is over but fear not, here are some cool goings on you can add to your diary. An excursion or two during the week is bound to make your week go that little bit faster.

HER by Matilde Gattoni

If you haven’t been yet head to Gulf Photo Plus on Alserkal Avenue and check out this exhibition by photographer Matilde Gattoni. Over many years the French photographer has captured women from different parts of the world and through this exhibition she shares their stories. It has received some incredible reviews so far so this is definitely not one to miss.

Where: GPP – Askeral Avenue

When: It runs until October 1st

How much: Admission is free.


Italian Culinary Fest

This is the one we’ve been waiting for. Italy’s top Michelin starred chef’s are coming to Dubai for the 7th Italian World Cuisine Summit, an annual foodie extravaganza showcasing the finest in Italian cuisine and culture. Guests can look forward to live cooking classes and demonstrations at participating restaurants. The main events will take place at JW Marriott Marquis on November 1st and at The Address Montgomerie Dubai Golf Club on November 3rd.

Where: Different venues through out the city

When: 27th October – 5th November

How much: AED 200 (for JW Marriott Marquis event)

Rosanna-Marziale 1

International Cricket Series – Pakistan Vs England (2nd Test)

Watch these two great teams go head to head in the second of eight test matches. For more info and tickets prices check this site.

Where: International Cricket Stadium, Dubai Sports City

When: Finishes Monday 26th

How much: Price varies depending on ticket.


Sweets and Snacks Middle East

Two of our favourite things all bundled together for one big trade show…yes we’re excited! The only trade show of it’s kind in the Middle East this is a must for people in the trade…and for anyone with an interest in sweets or snacks! (We’ll probably be first in the queue for this one).

Where: Dubai World Trade Centre Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

When: Tuesday, 27th – Thursday, 29th October 2015

How much: Free

shutterstock 100785973

Dubai Laughter Factory

We’re not that happy that Dubai Comedy Fest has ended after a hugely successful 10 days but this is sure to ease the pain! New comedians to the circuit are bound to have you in peels of laughter in no time.

Where: Different venue depending on the date

When: It runs until Thursday October 29th

How much: Tickets AED 140 – check this site for more details


Downtown Design

This is a seriously cool exhibition for those with an interest in design. Check out the latest in technology and design ideas for furniture, lighting, bathrooms, kitchens, textiles and accessories. A must attend for interior designers, architects, collectors and anyone with an eye for design.

Where: The Venue, Downtown Dubai

When: Tuesday, 27th – Friday, 30th October 2015. Separate times for public and trade

How much: Free. Check out the website for more details


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Hip-hop photographer Lisa Leone heads to Dubai

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If you’ve got a penchant for hip-hop music as well as a love of beautiful portrait photography…then this might just be the best thing that could happen to you.

Street Festival Sole DXB is hosting its first event of the year in the form of a photo exhibition from legendary hip-hop photographer Lisa Leone. The exhibition which features candid shots of everyone from Snoop Dog and Nas to Grandmaster Flash, will also be offering a public sale of her work. 

The show will run from 22 March until 5 April at Dubai Design District, with the opening night featuring a special performance by fellow New Yorkers, The BEATNUTS.

Lisa will unveil a range of never-seen-before archive photography, as well as standout selects from her notorious Here I Am book, and those captured on her recent trip to Sole DXB back in November 2015. 

She said: “I’m very excited about coming back to Dubai. On my last trip, although short, I could really feel the enthusiasm and passion for a culture so close to my heart. The artists I met and photographed were so open and warm, I’m looking forward to my return.”

For more details check out soledxb.com.

Here’s some of what you’ll get to see…

Grandmaster Flash At Rock Steady Park West 98Th Street And Amsterdam Avenue New York City 1991

Grandmaster Flash at Rock Steady Park (West 98th Street and Amsterdam Avenue), New York City, 1991

Nas In The Studio During Recording Sessions For His First Album Illmatic New York City 1994

Nas in the studio during recording sessions for his first album, illmatic, New York City, 1994

Easy E On The Set Of The  Down With The King Video New York City 1993

Easy E on the set of the Down With The King video, New York City, 1993

Snoop Dogg On Thet Set Of His First Video Who Am I Whats My Name Directed By Fab 5 Freddy Long Beach Cali 2

Snoop Dogg on the set of his first video, Who Am I (What’s My Name)

Crazy Legs At Home In The Bronx Early 1990S

Crazy Legs at Home in The Bronx, early 1990s

Now read: Six of the best places to watch live music in Dubai

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