Vital New Radar System Being Put In Place To Catch Dubai's Most Dangerous Drivers

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If you drive in Dubai then there are certain things you should know...

If you drive on the roads, it means you should have passed your driving test. And IF you've passed your driving test then you'll know that the hard shoulder is used for emergency vehicles only...Yet this simple rule is beyond some people.

Luckily Dubai Police force are doing something about it 

The Police Force have introduced some new (and super useful) technology at Gitex Technology this week - a radar to detect any vehicles that drive on the hard shoulder. It will take high quality pictures of the entire vehicle as well as a ten second video as soon as the vehicle passes the yellow line....which means if you try drive in the hard shoulder, you WILL get caught.

“The new radar is locally manufactured and detects hard shoulder violations and vehicles entering undesignated areas"

Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, director of Dubai Traffic Police

The radar has been successful in it's trial phase

The equipment used is small and light, therefore it's easy to transport and try at different locations. We welcome this new addition!

"A step towards a smarter future"

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Casey Fitzgerald

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