THIS IS HUGE NEWS! DXB Airport Will Ban Single-Use Plastics By January

Imagine how much this will impact other companies in Dubai

Dxbairports No More Plastic

Dubai Airports announced its pledge for the world by getting rid of single-use plastics and BANNING them from consumer spaces starting January 1, 2020.

You might be wondering how the busiest airport in the world will be able to go about this successfully?

According to the airports Executive Vice President, Eugene Barry, Dubai Airports welcomes some 90 MILLION people annually, so adapting this will truly make a tangible difference.

Dubai Airports have been recycling 43,000 tonnes of paper, glass and other waste

In the last six months, Dubai Airports also collected and disposed of 16 tonnes of single-use plastic bottles and bottle caps- showing the immediate need for this.

For World Environment Day, the airport also collaborated with more than 100 businesses to showcase just how well the results will be if they practised reducing their use of materials that are harmful to the environment.

Things like paper receipts, plastic utensils and bags are one of the leading cause of harm.

Dubai Airports is taking the lead and pretty soon others will follow


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