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The Cost Of A Tourist Visa To Oman Has Gone Up From AED 47 To AED 190 Overnight

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Tourists will have to fork out OMR 20, around AED 190, for the new visas.

This is an increase in price from OMR 5, AED 47. 

That’s quadrupled in price!

The new visa has also tripled in length of stay and will allow tourists to stay in Oman for upto 30 days, replacing the previous 10 day visas available.

A new e-visa system will also make applications easier for some countries.

Tourists from Russia, India, Iran and China will now be able to avail of the online application system here.

This comes following a move by the Ministry of Tourism to boost tourist revenue from these regions.

Anyone planning a trip to Oman in the near future will have to pay the new fees for the new short stay visas. 

The visas can be renewed after 30 days.

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