The Pakistani Man Accused In The Rape-Murder Case Of Abu Dhabi Boy Is “Mentally Fit To Stand Trial”

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The man who is accused of strangling an 11-year-old Pakistani child to death on the rooftop of a building in Abu Dhabi is mentally stable and was fully responsible for his actions, according to a medical report.

The lawyer representing the 33-year-old had earlier requested a psychiatric committee to test the mental stability of his client on the basis that it was illogical for a sane person to carry out such attacks on a child.

A medical committee presented a report showing that the killer does not suffer from any mental illnesses, earlier this week

The defendant admits to not suffering from any mental illnesses but continues to deny committing the murder. The boy's parents have asked the court to speed up the case saying because of the trauma they were dealing with.

The parents had earlier asked for a death penalty if the man is found guilty of murder

The Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution charged the 33-year-old with premeditated murder, raping the child, cross-dressing and driving a car without a number plate.

The man pleaded not guilty to all charges against him during the previous hearing when he first appeared in court. He told the judge that his confession at Police and Public Prosecution was all under duress.

The trial has been adjourned until October 24.

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