Palestinian Yaqoub Shaheen Was Crowned Arab Idol Winner And Twitter Got Seriously Emotional

Crowds were watching in the streets

The streets of Bethlehem and Gaza were packed to watch the ultimate episode of this season's Arab Idol, and you can imagine the celebrations when Palestinian Yaqoub Shaheen was crowned the winner.

This year, the final was made up of three guys: Ammar Mohammed from Yemen, and Yaqoub Shaheen and Ameer Dandan both from Palestine. 

The show is based on the English show Pop Idol

The winner is voted by the audience who text their preference. According to reports, politicians from both countries urged voters to text in their votes and phone companies even offered discounted rates to attract more voters.

This was the emotional winning moment

A true patriot, Shaheen performed his winners song while displaying the Palestinian flag proudly

And Palestinians couldn't be more proud. Since the winner of the show was announced Twitter has been in over-drive. Here are some of our favourite celebratory Tweets:

Emoji tears count as real tears right?

A crowd's reaction in Bethlehem

People are thrilled, to say the least

Nothing says 'proud' like a photo collague

Looks like one person knew before everyone else!

Although the winner wasn't the only toping of conversation on the night

People are sad they will now be seeing less of Nancy Ajram

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