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ATTENTION Dog Owners: A Potentially Deadly Pup Infection Has Been Detected In Dubai

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Doggos are the most precious little beings in life and surely you want only what’s best for them.

If you have a young dog or a puppy please read the following to ensure the best possible care for your sweetest family member:

Parvovirus is a highly contagious and DEADLY virus that is mostly contracted by young dogs between six weeks and six months old if not vaccinated and cared for properly.

Although puppies are born with antibodies from their mothers, these antibodies eventually fade as they get older and it’s then up to the owners to ensure that their puppies are vaccinated with the course of parvo vaccinations.

Parvo is an extremely contagious viral illness that can be transmitted through in TWO main ways

ONE is through direct contact, where the dogs either sniff or lick infected poop from the surface of where another infected dog has contaminated with its feces.

Puppies are curious and explore the world around them through their senses and especially through their smell.

Thus, they need to be taken extra care of as it then becomes easy for a curious puppy to contract the fatal virus.

The second way of contracting the virus is through indirect contact

The virus is quite resilient and is capable of surviving in the environment for long time periods, (up to two months or more if kept away from direct sunlight). The virus can latch onto:

  • Clothing
  • Human skin
  • Toys and other equipment
  • Shoes

It is vital for households to maintain hygiene levels when housing pets at home and surfaces should be regularly cleaned with disinfectants or other household bleaches – that are known to eliminate the virus.

Parvo is rapidly increasingly in the UAE because of the lack of awareness

A local private pet clinic has noted an increase in the number of reported illnesses with similar reports doing the rounds on social media.

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Signs & Symptoms that your dog has Parvo

  • Severe, bloody diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Lack of appetite leading to Anorexia
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Severe weight loss
  • Reddening of the tissues around the mouth and eyes
  • Rapid heartbeat

IF at all you feel like your dog is showing signs of the infection, IMMEDIATELY get him checked up by your vet.

The outbreak of the Virus in the UAE previously happened in 2017 and should be prevented before it spreads once again

This happened because a few years back the number of unvaccinated pups imported by breeders – led to a fast contamination rate of the viral infection.

It had become so bad that owners were just dumping their dogs on the streets once they had been diagnosed with the deadly virus which was just heart-breaking.

Picking up after your pets is SO IMPORTANT

Also because of the lack of awareness, owners were neglecting public hygiene and not picking up after their dogs in parks and residential areas which had led to the outbreak of the life threatening virus amongst dogs.

Thus, it is really very IMPORTANT that owners pick up after their dogs in public places to prevent any harm to your pet as well as to other pets.

Understanding the disease is the first step towards preventing the disease

It is recommended that you speak to your vet about proper care for your puppies and for pregnant female dogs so you can prevent your pets from any harm and to ensure that they live a long and healthy life full of LOVE!

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