13 Tweets That Show How People Of Dubai Feel About What's Happening In Syria

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As violence has escalated again in the Syrian City of Aleppo #Aleppo, #Syria and Arabic hashtags that translate to ‘Aleppo is calling out to you’, ‘Save Aleppo’ and ‘Aleppo is burning’ have been trending on Twitter in Dubai for the past week. 

A feeling of helplessness

The photos appearing on social media are too horrific to be republished here, and the politics behind what's going on are complex. People in Dubai have shown empathy and solidarity to the people of Syria. The tweets represent a sense of helplessness and how the thoughts and prayers of Dubai are with those who are suffering. 

The Ministry of Foreign affairs has expressed deep concern...

UAE denounces targeting of civilians in Syria

Unwarranted escalation against the civilian population could undermine the political process and the ceasefire, which contributed positively to the reduction of violence suffered by the Syrian people.

WAM Emirates News Agency

Here are 13 tweets from people in Dubai showing how upsetting they are finding the situation

'She commended you to God, I milked and sky land and its people, God have mercy Lord servants milking it indestructible.'

Activists are calling for Facebook to be turned red in support 

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