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Hurrah! The AED10 Petrol Pump Charge At Adnoc Is Being Abolished At These Times

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Summer is officially upon us and there’s no where that’s more apparent than at a petrol station in Dubai…

Where the simply act of removing yourself from your car to fill your petrol tank is akin to walking into an over-heated steam room.

For years, the service was performed by a pump attendant, until last year when Adnoc announced you would have to pay AED10 for someone to fill your tank, or, choose to do it yourself for free.

But, no longer!

On Sunday, the leading fuel distributor in the UAE stated that the service will revert to being FREE for customers in the month of July, at specific times.

Adnoc will waive the AED10 fee for everyone at select times during the month of July

The AED10 will be waived for EVERYBODY between 11am and 5pm i July.

Want to continue enjoying the free service?

Adnoc Wallet customers will be exempt from paying the fee and will enjoy free refueling services daily between 11am and 5pm in both July AND August.

What’s Adnoc wallet?

This is a premium service that allows you to securely to pay for your fuel. The service includes an attendant to refuel your vehicle along with checking your tyre pressure and washing your windscreen.

More information and registration here

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