Opinion Is Divided After Dubai's Famous 15-Year-Old Released His Latest Wrapped Supercar Vlog

People are not holding back

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Last week we reported that local 15-year-old kid Rashed Belhasa (or Money Kicks to his 700,000 YouTube followers) was unveiling a supercar with a little something extra.

The Ferrari is making headlines because it's been wrapped with a Louis Vuitton and Supreme logo, and because the person unveiling it is 15 years old - three years under the legal UAE driving limit.

The video, which has already smashed 1.6 million views in just six days, has divided opinion....

So this Ferrari, (and a wrapped Cadillac Escalade) will remain undriven by Rashed for the time being....

Commentators immediately jumped in to give their opinion, and many are not impressed with the lavish show of wealth

Some think he's a basic bae

While others literally don't give AF

What people may not know...

Yup Rashed was born into a seriously wealthy family, but for a 15-year-old he has already created his own personalised brand; Money Kicks.

The content he and his team produce is current and relevant, so despite the haters, Rashed is a businessman in the making.

You can check out his YouTube channel here

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