Robberies Don't Happen In Dubai But Three Teenagers Accused...


The crime rate in Dubai, and the UAE in general, is very low compared to most nations that just as developed.

So when you do hear of a burglary or similar stuff, it can be quite shocking.

Three teenagers have been accused of robbing a grocery store in Dubai a few months ago. One is an American tourist aged 16 while his two friends - a Cypriot and Afghan - are 18 and 19-years-old. They broke into the store and stole cash (AED 6,500), mobile credit (AED 3,000), three ID cards and a charity donation box.

According to the court records, the Cypriot broke the lock using a screwdriver after which all three teenagers went into the store and broke a drawer containing the above items. 

A report was filed the following morning, and soon the three were arrested. During questioning, they confessed to stealing and splitting the cash and mobile cards, but in court the Afghan denied the charges. The teenagers are also being investigated for alleged involvement in four similar burglaries. 

The American has been referred to juvenile court and the next hearing is on 5 September. 

Pic credit: Nick Carter (Flickr)

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