Two Men Hide Stuff They Stole From City Centre Mirdif Inside A Guitar Case But They Get Caught


Mirdif City Centre Indoor

Robbery gone wrong!

Two Moroccans, aged 27 and 35, are on trial for stealing clothes and shoes worth AED 1,790 from Debenhams at City Centre Mirdif and hiding the items inside a guitar case. 

A Nigerian security guard who became suspicious of the pair as they were trying to leave the store stopped them and checked their belongings. He found 12 items from the department store hidden inside the guitar case. The magnets had been removed off the clothes and shoes with the help of a nail cutter and a pair of scissors.

During the trial at Dubai Criminal Court, the older man confessed to the charge of attempted theft, while the younger man denied the charge.

A verdict is expected on 31 October.

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