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You Can Now Tap Your Card To Pay For Every Dubai Taxi Out There

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Saving you minutes every single day, RTA taxis have now all been hooked up with simple, ‘tap’ or contactless payments.

The announcement was made by the Roads and Transport Authority this week, whereby all taxi passengers can pay for their journeys via nol card, credit card OR via Apple Pay or Samsung Pay…how handy is that?!

10,800 vehicles have been fitted with the service to ease the payment of taxi fares

The project was rolled out in phases and the service now covers the entire fleet, but users still have the option to use cash if you’d prefer

“Riders have broadly accepted the initial phases of the project, and the number of users of this technological solution has picked up remarkably recording several million transactions. It clearly demonstrates the outstanding success of the project, which does not eliminate the cash payment option either. It rather offers multiple alternatives for the convenience and happiness of taxi riders”.

Khaled Al-Awadi, Director of Transportation Systems at RTA’s Public Transport Agency.

RTA, take a bow

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