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The RTA Website Now Has An Option That Lets You Pick The Number Plate You Really Want

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Whether you want to blow AED 33 million on a number plate like this guy or find a number that may be special to you, you can do it from the RTA site.

The Road and Transport Authority has released this simple ‘how to’ guide to allow people easily access the the number plate they want.

In the UAE, lower number license plates are usually sold at auction and attract enormous attention due to the high costs they go for, but this is offering you the chance to buy more irregular numbers if they’re available.

The process can be done in four simple steps

It’s called ‘inquiry for a special number plate’, from the main website follow these instructions

1. Click on vehicle licensing services and choose private licensing

2. Go to special plate enquiry

3. Search for your desired number

4. If the plate number is available you can purchase it from here

Full info here

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You can also sell, reserve, renew replace of change your plates using this tool

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