The Russian Model Who Performed This Outrageous Stunt Could Be In Big Trouble With Dubai Officials

After officials 'strongly condemn' the stunt and police launch prob

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This week, we released the 'making of' video of an image that has shocked the internet. 

The image shows 23 year old Russian model Viki Odintcova hanging from the top of the Cayan Tower after she entered the building with friends but without authorization, climbed to the top and performing the stunt without the aid of any climbing equipment. The video has gone viral in a matter of days, simply because it's absolutely shocking to watch. 

As we've said before these stunts are dangerous and set a terrible example to risk lives for online content. The recreation of such stunts without equipment for online content lacks judgement and shows a disregard for other human life.

It looks like the authorities are not happy with the model

Since the images have been released the Dubai Police authorities have launched a probe into the incident. According to local reports Major-General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant to the Dubai Police Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs, said people performing these stunts could face prosecution for endangering other people’s lives as they could fall onto a pedestrian below.

“If people want to perform such stunts, they need to obtain a permission and inform the specialised authority. Such dangerous acts require specific safety measures to be taken and preparation in order to secure their lives. We will arrest individuals if they have not obtained a permission.” 

Major-General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri

The Cayan Group is also equally unimpressed with the stunt

The Cayan Tower, built by the Cayan Group is the location of the stunt and the developers of the building (one of the largest building developers in the region) 'strongly condemn' the actions. 

Gizel Daher, director of marketing & communications stated the model and her assistants had sought no approval and expertly breached security. The company is now in the process of reviewing security procedure to rectify the lapse and prevent anything similar happening in future.

The official statement

"The stunt was carried out without the approval or permission of authorities at Cayan Group, and is in no way a reflection of the Group’s commitments to art, creativity, and the human spirit."

Gizel Daher, director of marketing & communications.

You NEED PERMISSION to perform these stunts

"Although the Cayan Tower has been periodically used for extreme sports events, in all cases there has been safety, security, and emergency services on site. We have a process of selecting trained professionals skilled at their craft, especially these high-risk life-threatening events, and carry out a stick review of the safety measures and backup safety measures before approving the event.

 An immediate legal action is running against this condemned incident and the sentence will cover the involved breachers at all levels"

Gizel Daher, director of marketing & communications.

The models latest posts are taken in the Maldives...who knows if she'll return to Dubai at all

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