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It Looks Like Fazza Is The First Person In Dubai To Get His Hands On The Epic Galaxy Fold

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Dubai’s Crown Prince has always been an iPhone user, but it looks the release of the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Fold could change things.

The foldable phone was announced in February, Samsung’s first every foldable 7.3 inch phone with a seriously good-looking Infinity-Flex display. So good-looking, in fact, that Fazza ‘grammed the moment.

The ‘super premium device’ will be like gold dust according to reports, it won’t be on display at all show rooms and won’t be as readily available as the new S10. Tech-lovers can pre-register for the device here.

The don’t come cheap

You’ll pay over AED7,000 to get you hands on the Samsung Galaxy Fold, making it one of the most expensive phones in the market. A steep price, but Samsung promises to revolutionise the industry with this new product, and if it’s good enough for Fazza…

Take a closer look

Although, it looks better in person

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