Tourist Dies Immediately After Sex With An Emirati Woman

The unmarried pair were in a hotel room together

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A Saudi man died of a heart attack after consensual sex with an Emirati woman. 

The woman has been sentenced to six months in jail for engaging in sex out of wedlock.

The man and woman reportedly met in a night club where they exchanged numbers. Days later, before the man was due to go back to Saudi, the pair arranged a hotel meet-up. The woman reportedly booked a separate room, before joining the man is his room at 4am, according to a Gulf News report.

After engaging in sex, the woman left the room

She was in the bathroom when she heard a noise. She rushed out to find the man suffering from a cardiac arrest. The man was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

The woman was arrested for sex out of wedlock and was sentenced to one year in jail. She repeatedly appealed the verdict, claiming the man forced himself on her. This plea was dismissed and the six month jail sentence has been upheld.

Sex out of wedlock is illegal in the UAE.

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